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Dany PB-96 [Review]

2016-04-26 16_53_43-Greenshot capture 22

Now the greater the battery the stronger the power. Power bank PB-96 having 10,000mAh capacity is an exceedingly powerful portable battery backup device. It is eye-catching and classy white providing safe backup power as there is no harm of short circuit or over charging. Power bank PB-96 is fully capable of charging three smart phones… Read More

Dany Genius Tablet Q3 Quad Core [Review]

Q-3 Quad Core (6)

With Elegance & Style, it’s none other than Genius Tablet PC Q3. It is the new member of Genius family with its redefined features and specifications. Now Experience one of the fastest and powerful Quad core processor with Genius Tab Q3. Dany genius Tab Q3 has extraordinary features and top performance. Genius Tab PC Q3… Read More

Tablets v Laptops: The Ultimate Battle


With a lot of gadget options on the market in the present era, it can be quite hard for customers to decide where to invest their money. Laptops and tablets are remarkably popular within various groups and demographics, primarily since they offer specialized experiences to their customers. A laptop is normally termed as a mobile… Read More

Why is Nokia making Android phones?


Nokia has decided to build Android phones. There are several reasons cited for such a move. The main reason for Nokia to make Android phones is interest in the growing market. If Microsoft doesn’t act fast it may risk losing the global market to Nokia. Whilst some at Microsoft may be uncomfortable by what Nokia… Read More